Serpentine North Gallery 15 Mar 2019 Free

Eating At The Same Table hosted an evening reading group to discuss and digest the ideas explored in Grace Wales Bonners exhibition A Time For New Dreams. Drawing on texts, sounds and hymns featured in the exhibition and beyond, the evening offered participants the opportunity to consider themes such as spirituality and collectivity.

Founded in September 2017 by multidisciplinary artist Rochelle White and by Bold Tendencies’ Director of Education, Sasha Morgan, Eating At the Same Table (EAST) is an artist-led networking group facilitating, nurturing and supporting emerging artists, writers and curators.

Together they are committed to offering the grassroots support and guidance creatives need as they navigate an art world that can often seem all too intimidating to the uninitiated. EAST is a positive manifestation of the frustration caused by the lack of diversity within mainstream arts institutions, who have long failed to welcome, accommodate or encourage emerging artists of colour.

We demand to eat at the same table. Collectively we have sought to strengthen and utilise our respective knowledge and contacts by combining them to create a network in which a bespoke set of personal and professional relationships can flourish between the emerging and the established.


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