Serpentine South Gallery 30 Jan 2016 Free

Artist and musician Anton Kats presented an Artist Talk taking the form of an open studio and live radio performance.

Taking the form of a Radio Narrowcast, Kats introduced an expanded notion of radio as a social construction of power and a mode in which we can navigate through places and moments of social interaction

This Unwritten Handbook drew upon two ongoing projects, which Kats initiated through the Serpentine Galleries Edgware Road Project: Radio Sonar and For a Walk With… to explore the ambiguity of art practice in both institutional and informal contexts.

These discussions derived from questions concerned with ​developing collaborative and useful site-specific works, in particular in response to redevelopment, dementia, care work and poverty in the neighbourhoods of London, UK and Kingston, Jamaica.

This Unwritten Handbook was accompanied by excerpts of the short films Bloxburgh FM: Water Road Education and For a Walk With…

Unwritten Handbook is a seasonal series of conversations with artists commissioned through Education and Projects at the Serpentine Galleries.


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