Serpentine South Gallery 19 Jan — 27 Feb 1994 Free

This exhibition took place across three venues, the Serpentine Gallery, Southampton City Art Gallery and Leeds City Art Gallery, involving site-specific works by 20 artists.

Uniting the works in this exhibition was the means by which the participating artists used the gallery and its surfaces as an integral aspect of the work. Whilst neither strictly painting nor sculpture, works incorporated elements of both. In each case, the artists responded to the particular nature of each gallery space, encompassing the floors, windows and ceiling.

Examples of the work included Niele Toroni’s painted marks, applied directly on the wall at regular intervals throughout the gallery, and Lawrence Weiner’s succinct text-based work, which assumed concrete form on the gallery wall to question the way in which language, as much as art, takes on meaning.

The exhibition was curated by Maureen Paley.


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